Guide For Having A Healthier And High Quality Boer Goat


Boer goats were primarily bred for producing meat in 1900, thus raising a healthy and high quality Boer Goat contributes to good quality meat production and consumption. It is an undeniable fact that well fed and healthy animals are more pleasing to the eye sellers can offer it with high price. Here we suggest several useful tips on raising Healthier and High Quality Boer Goats.

Tip 1

Right nutrition is perhaps the most important point which makes successful livestock. Nutritional supplementation in the feed and the feeding of full rations must correspond to each other. It is noteworthy to take into account that Boer Goats require specific supplementation at different times of life periods to perform evenly. For example, pregnant goats should be fed with nutriments full of protein concentrate, as it promotes to easy kidding process and the lamb is healthier and heavier at birth. Extra nutrition will help kid lambs become stronger and better able to maintain life at birth.

Tip 2

The kidding period is the hardest, because lamb mortalities are real problem which can negatively impact on production levels. Is the very period during which Boer Goat needs a great deal of care and attention. As mentioned above, nutritional components during late pregnancy can be helpful in decreasing lamb mortality rate. Birth of triplets usually occurs in case of Boer Goats, which tends to present a range of problems. Sometimes it is hard for ewe to feed all the three kids. In this case raise the third kid by hand with a bottle.

Tip 3

Boer Goats need space as much as feeding. The availability of indoor and outdoor areas where goats can range is crucial for their health. Generally, it is accepted to provide 10 to15 feet of space for each standard size goat. Overcrowded and narrow spaces can cause goats become stressful, as well as diseases are more likely to spread in such areas.

Tip 4

Boer Goats hate loneliness and the reason is that they are herd animals. In respect to the fact, you will need to buy a minimum of two goats to make them feel at ease. It is advisable to buy the goats from the same hers, as in this way they can get easier adjusted to the new surroundings.

Tip 5

Protect your goats from predators as dogs, coyotes, cougars, ravens. Be aware of the predators in your area and keep your goats safe by locking them in a secured building every night.

Tip 6

Boer Goats need to be neat and clean. Brush them at least once a year, which boosts to blood flow, as well as removes dandruff from the hair. Do not forget to clip your goat’s hair at least once a year in such a way to help them stay cool throughout the summer. Bathing Boer Goats, in its turn, helps to remove lice and makes clipping easier.

Tip 7

Recognize the early symptoms of sick goats which are: not eating or drinking, crusty eyes, diarrhea, pressing its face against a wall or fence, coughing, crying or calling more than usual, grinding teeth, separating itself from the group, etc.